Why Warehousing Location Matters

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Where you choose to house your inventory can impact your bottom line. Businesses will deploy a variety of distribution and storage methods in their supply chain, including using warehousing services close to ports of entry for cargo imports and exports, as well as aligning near the end consumers’ locations. We’re taking a closer look at both options below and how GT Logistics Group is the best for both scenarios.

For Businesses Handling International Goods

If receiving or shipping products internationally, being close to a port is pivotal. The close proximity keeps transportation costs lower, allows for quicker loading/unloading, quicker processing times for incoming goods & allows for lower costs when shipping outgoing goods or refusing bad quality goods.

There are several major ports that typically serve our greater Upstate, SC area:

  1. SC Ports in Charleston: Charleston has several terminals open to handle the large influx of goods coming in and going out of its ports. They have heavily invested in infrastructure and provide shipping any time (or tide) of day, with express rail service from two Class I railroads shipping cargo to two inland ports – Inland Port Greer, near our warehouse, and Port Dillon near the NC border.
  2. The Port of Savannah: According to Georgia Ports, the Port of Savannah is our nation’s largest shipping container terminal! Ports have immediate access to I-16 and I-95 to get your cargo moving towards any region of the country fast.

At GT Logistics Group, we understand the importance of being located in the right place to maximize efficiency and minimize costs. We are centrally located and strategically placed near the major Inland Port Greer to help international-based companies succeed domestically. We also are a free trade zone, which allows for the inspection of incoming goods and our 24/7 transload services make it easy to move products from the inland port to the larger trade ports of Charleston and Savannah.

Domestic Distribution

Proximity to interstates &/or airports is key for sending products to multiple locations across the US and can drastically reduce transportation costs.

  • Proximity to rail lines is key for moving larger bulk cargo across the country. Aligning inventory near rail systems can help alleviate transportation costs for heavy items. The same is true for locating your inventory close to major highways and interstates. According to the US Department of Transportation, over 64% of freight shipments are made in the US by truck. Rail, while accounting for only 7% of total shipments, is still a key transportation mode for raw materials and other large, heavy cargo.
  • If you are only selling goods in a particular geographic region, choosing a warehouse near that region will keep transit costs lower & speed up delivery times to customers. It will also lower inspection turnaround times for any refunds requested by customers, improving customer sentiment. As retail (& other inventory-dependent industries) businesses grow and expand, closely monitoring overall shipping speed and costs becomes increasingly vital to maintain strong profitability.

As a growing business, it’s important to find a logistics partner who can help isolate pain points that may be increasing transit costs and turnaround timing. GT Logistics Group’s strategically located warehouse is close to major highways such as I-85, making it easy for you to access your products quickly, more cost-effectively, and safely. Our knowledgeable staff provides guidance into the best ways to reduce any friction points to improve your supply chain process. We leverage inventory control and reporting software to glean insights into what are the best ways to set your supply chain strategy up for success.

We’re Centrally Located to Help Domestic and International Based Companies

GT Logistics Group offers our customers the ability to reduce their inventory costs and increase their speed-to-market with both domestic and international shipping.

  • We’re close to the Inland Port of Greer, I-85, and Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport’s cargo transport. 
  • We are a certified free-trade zone with 24/7 transload services which include unloading, storage, and reloading services for the Inland Port of Greer, Charleston, and Savannah.
  • Our staff is knowledgeable and fully equipped to provide you with strategic guidance on improving your overall supply chain, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing your bottom line.

GT Logistics Group is ready to help you make the right choice when it comes to your warehousing needs. Contact us today for more information.

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