Safety & quality

Ensuring your success if our top priority. Maintaining safety measures and testing for high quality operations is key to being your perfect Logistics partner.

Our operations and management teams work hand-in-hand to make sure your logistics & storage needs are taken care of efficiently & effectively.​


At Global Trade Logistics, safety is our top priority and is built into the culture of our company. To minimize the potential for accidents for our employees and customers, we have a comprehensive safety program that includes:

  • A robust safety policy & training program
  • All new employees are required to complete our safety training. We also periodically review these safety policies throughout the year.
  • Auditing of activities to ensure proper safety gear and procedures are being followed.
  • Investigation of any issues that arise in a timely manner with complete follow-up to help prevent similar situations in the future.
  • Frequent equipment (including trucks, forklifts, etc) & facilities inspections.
  • Frequent and effective communication regarding safety policy updates or reminders.
  • Continuous learning to improve our policies and workplace culture.


Providing high quality services is a key driver of success for us here at Global Trade Logistics. We work hard to ensure all of our clients’ needs are met and done so efficiently and effectively, with every business we partner with, we guarantee:

  • Global Trade Logistics will thoroughly understand your needs and requirements.
  • With our understanding, we will craft customized service plans and working protocols on how to best fulfill your needs.
  • We will empower and train our employees on how best to satisfy your needs and monitor performance carefully, improving operational processes where possible.
  • We will monitor measurable metrics whenever possible and use as a benchmark for success and strive for continuous improvement.

It is our ultimate goal to be a top logistics provider with dedicated, happy employees, whom together provide innovative solutions to our customers.

Quality Targets

To ensure our quality standards are consistently applied across customers, we monitor all parts of each customers’ process to look for areas of improvement. This may include:

  • Delivery time performance: How often are deliveries made when guaranteed and how can our schedule be further improved?
  • Damage checks: How many products are damaged in transit or storage?
  • How fast are issues and product claims handled? 

By striving to build an innovative and supportive environment for our organization, we push quality of our services and safety of our operations to the forefront of our organizational policies. This helps us to strive for continuous improvement in performance, leading to greater customer satisfaction. We aim to be a partner for each of our customers, providing tangible benefits from our processes. 

We’re your comprehensive logistics partner for the SouthEast.

Let’s discuss what makes Global Trade Logistics different from other logistics providers. 

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